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Waiheke Island, NZ


plant remedies handmade
Can't believe the effect the mixtures have.  Truely!  'Trust in Self' is amazing.
Malene Bay Jørgensen


I have older sensitive skin and have been using Wise Woman Face cream for 3 months. With a short clean ingredient list the high percentage of Rosehip Oil has given my skin total nourishment, easily absorbing with no greasy feel. It's left my face and neck supple and soft and I love the clean subtle Frankincense and Lavender smell. It's a beautiful cream from a beautiful caring brand with wonderful ethical and environmental values. Love it and look forward to trying your remedies - thank you!
Maree Ballantine
Caroline’s Plant Alchemy has a special magic infused within it that can only come from her! Her sensitivity to all things sacred and living and her attunement to the natural support from each plant, means that her ‘Clearing ‘ Plant Remedy has a wonderfully cleansing, refreshing effect. I use it when I feel ‘polluted’ with invasive energies and alongside my other healing practices, it helps me return to a native state of my own vibrational frequency. I recommend her alchemical plant magic to anyone who appreciates support in being guided home to their own healthy being.
Christine Spicer
Caroline has a wonderful connection to the Plant Kingdom. She has fantastic, grounded, knowledge of the plants medicinal properties and actions. Her graceful way of sharing plant medicine speaks of being in relationship with the plants as our healers/teachers. I find the way she bridges the vibrational and practical qualities of the plants very healing and really suits this modern fast-paced world we live in.
Katie Milne
I first met Caroline while working with her making a medicine drum.  I have had the pleasure of facilitating many workshops in Shamanic Healing since then that she has attended.  I was very aware of her soft and open nature that automatically created a sense of ease and trust.  She has an earthliness about her,  and in her thoughtful approach  to explore situations,  insights expansion and deep shifts are open to experience.   In her work she offers a place of deep listening and supports  healing processes through this gift.  With her drum journeying, intuitive insights and the powerful herbal infusions and creams.  I thoroughly recommend her and her work. 
Chalice Malcolm


Plant Alchemy’s healing balm is a little star in this range of organic handcrafted plant remedies. The rich, silky, solid crème gently glistens on your skin with its natural healing properties soothing away life’s universal sores… I really love it.