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Waiheke Island, NZ


herbalist healer shamanic counsellor

Plant Remedy Reading + Blend

30 minutes   $50

This consultation includes a plant medicine card reading and a special blend made up to take home. Recommended as supportive to all of the other sessions.

Shamanic Counselling

1 hour and over   $60

In shamanic counselling we ask for help, advice, knowledge or healing through the way of the 'shamanic journey'. This is a form of altered consciousness into which we enter with a clear intention to ask for guidance, support or healing. Following the journey, the person takes this receiving into 'the ordinary' and integrates the teachings into his/her life.


Ancestral Healing

1 hour   $60

Similar to Shamanic Counselling but the connection is with the ancestors. Ancestral healing supports releasing trauma and conditioning carried from our ancestors.

Plant Spirit Healing

1 hour and over   $60

Similar to Shamanic Counselling but the doorway is opened to the plant spirit world with an invocation to healing and healing practices. Healing/receiving is channelled through the practitioner.