Death and Rebirth SALE all remedies $30 - this week only! Death and Rebirth SALE all remedies $30 - this week only!

Waiheke Island, NZ


Shamanic Healing Practices

With a history dating back approximately 100,000 years Shamanism is the oldest healing modality still alive today.  Shamanism has been practiced on many different lands by many different cultures.  The results speak for themselves.

The deeper I go with Shamanism the more convinced I am of it’s power.  The more I want to step back in time and connect with the healing wisdom of the ancestors and the elders of our worlds’ indigenous cultures.  I have deep  honour, respect and gratitude for the compassionate spirits that are only too willing to work with us.

With the support of our spirit guides in the ancient practice of shamanic journeying we can connect to endless guidance and healing from other worlds. 

Shamanic journeying is a form of altered consciousness into which we enter with a clear intention to ask for things such as guidance, support, clearing, healing and protection.

I recommend a commitment of at least 3 sessions with time in between for integration into daily lives.

The exchange is $60 per hour.  I am also open to other exchanges - please ask.


Plant Medicine Card Reading + Remedy

Using the beautiful ‘Plant Rhythms’ medicine cards we can tune in and receive the exact plants that are calling to work with you.  Whether you are working with an emotional or physical challenge the plants are waiting to support you.  You will receive a remedy especially for you and the challenges you are working with. 

The exchange is $60 including the remedy.  Again, I am also open to other exchanges - please ask.


For best results I recommend a combination of Shamanic healing practices and a plant remedy.


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